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My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My siblings created chaos in her life. Should I help my mom change her will?

My mother created a trust and a will in 2013, creating the distribution of equal shares of her substantial estate among myself and my three siblings upon her death. Her estate includes financial accounts and several properties.

Two years ago, in 2019, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Since that time, it’s been chaos dealing […]

Effects of Caregiver Dementia Training in Caregiver–Patient Dyads on Psychotropic Drug Prescription: A Randomized Controlled Study

About 70% of people with dementia (PWD) live in the community.1 Dutch demo- graphic and prevalence data indicate that about 35% of these share a household with their primary caregiver.2,3 Unfortunately, most PWD experience behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia at some point in the course of their illness.4

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Ignorance Hinders Caregiving for Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s Disease

Ignorance abounds, and sadly, ignorance surrounding caregiving is rampant.

Before being a caregiver, I was ignorant, too, as most of us were. The definition of ignorance is “a lack of knowledge and information.” After being thrust into the caregiving role, it took time to get up to speed.

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What is Dementia

Dementia is an overall term that affects the cognitive thinking of the person. Dementia affects the memory, thinking, language, judgment and behavior. It is caused either because of illnesses or injuries. It is not a disease. Some types of dementia are progressive, whereas some are stagnant or treatable.

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Alzheimers Q&A: How does a health care professional in the Alzheimer’s field during the pandemic manage feelings of burnout?

Mental Health America conducted a survey of health care workers during COVID-19 from June 2020 through September. Responses showed 93% of health care workers were stressed, 86% anxious, 77% frustrated, 75% overwhelmed and 75% exhausted and feeling burnout.

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What types of memories are forgotten in Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease, a type of neurodegenerative dementia that affects memory, is well known in Canada, where more than half a million people live with it. This number is expected to double in the next 10 years as the population ages.

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What Will the Future of Alzheimer Disease Treatment Look Like?

Alzheimer disease (AD) remains one of the most dreaded diagnoses a patient can get. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised hopes when it approved aducanumab, which promised to be the first disease-modifying drug for AD. But the approval immediately proved controversial. Three FDA board members resigned, the FDA then narrowed its patient […]

Alzheimer’s and dementia: understand wandering and how to address it

Wandering and becoming lost is common among people with Alzheimer’s disease or other disorders causing dementia. This behavior can happen in the early stages of dementia — even if the person has never wandered in the past.

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Explained: The best way to tackle dementia

Prevention is always better than cure is the adage that our parents and grandparents have successfully ingrained within us over the past decades. While the perfect panacea may rarely be attainable, preventing dementia is the only way of tackling it. Full Story […]

Dementia patients, caregivers feel disconnected from community, report shows

As Hamilton begins a cautious return to a pre-pandemic normal, a recent reportshows a large segment of residents with dementia felt they couldn’t participate fully in the community even before COVID.

The report by the Hamilton Council on Aging (HCOA) includes the results of consultations — either interviews or surveys — with 305 […]