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What do we know about Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease usually occurs late in life.

There is no test to use for a diagnosis. There is no sure way to prevent it and there is no effective way to slow down the process. It is a disease that effects millions of Americans and we should consider some things that might prevent […]

The caring reality: How your parish can serve people with dementia

Canada’s most unrecognized and ignored theologian never taught theology and never wrote any books of theology. But she had one original, penetrating and thoroughly convincing insight.

Sr. Simone Roach of the Sisters of St. Martha discovered in prayer and in a lifetime of nursing and teaching that what makes us human is care. We cannot […]

‘Dementia-friendly apartment’ shows caregivers how to help loved ones with Alzheimer’s

A first-of-its-kind dementia-friendly apartment has opened in Manhattan, giving caregivers a trove of tips on how they can better assist their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The apartment, in the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America headquarters on Eighth Ave. in Chelsea, was specifically designed for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s […]

Families are struggling to care for elderly parents or loved ones with disabilities. President Biden wants to tax corporations to fund efforts to help out.

Dorristene Branham got divorced when her only child, Constance Dunlap, was a few months old and for years it was just the two of them.

Branham eventually remarried but after her husband died in 2006, mother and daughter found themselves together again in Branham’s West Hartford home.

Full […]

A caregiver and physician discuss the financial implications of dementia

In his recent First Opinion, “The long, exhausting reach of dementia care,” Jason Karlawish, a geriatric physician and co-director of the Penn Memory Center, wrote about how the coronavirus pandemic has led more Americans to realize how all-consuming life as a full-time caretaker can be. As many spouses and adult children of Alzheimer’s patients have […]

What’s the Difference Between Normal Forgetfulness and Signs of Alzheimer’s?

The Brain Health Initiative in Lakewood Ranch held an event on Tuesday, May 18, to honor its Brain Health Scholars Program, which involves more than 60 local high school students who volunteered their time with the initiative over the last year. Each scholar learned to keep their brains sharp and healthy when moving on to […]

The devastating effect of the pandemic on those with Alzheimer’s

The social isolation and inability to do our favorite activities were hard for everyone during the past year, but it was especially difficult for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, and experts still don’t know what the long-term effects will be.

Over the course of the last year, Bill Cianfichi has noticed some of the Alzheimer’s […]

World must prepare for dementia health crisis: Alzheimer’s Disease International

About one-quarter of deaths from COVID-19 have been in dementia-affected people, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International, which is warning the pandemic may accelerate the disease.

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Do you have a loved one suffering with dementia? Families urged to consider the unexpected financial risks that come with the debilitating disease

Families and friends who have a loved one living with dementia are being urged to consider the unexpected financial risks that can come with the disease.

With the isolation of lockdown causing a decline in 82 per cent of dementia sufferers, according to The Alzheimer’s Society, investment platform, Hargreaves Lansdown, has pinpointed seven […]


In January 2015, my mum was taken ill and within a week had died (this was very unexpected). I then moved into my parent’s house to look after my father. It was clear from the start that something was not right and his behaviour, actions were strange to see. He would get angry, hallucinate, forget […]