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People with dementia and their families disproportionally handle costs of care

People with dementia experience significantly higher costs of care compared to those without dementia, and the burden of those higher costs falls disproportionately on people with dementia and their families, according to a recent NIA-funded study. Further, the financial expenditures shouldered by families was higher for people with dementia who lived in the community rather […]

Facing up to the dementia home care dilemma of COVID-19

In the UK, over 850,000 people are living with dementia. This is expected to hit over 1 million by 2025, with numbers consistently rising. But it’s not only the person with the condition that is affected. Family members and friends provide up to £13.9 billion a year in unpaid care and support, to enable the […]


Dementia is a syndrome – usually of a chronic or progressive nature – in which there is deterioration in cognitive function (i.e. the ability to process thought) beyond what might be expected from normal ageing. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgement. Consciousness is not affected. The impairment in cognitive […]

Your Health First: How COVID-19 is affecting those suffering from dementia

In today’s Your Health First, the coronavirus has affected people in many different ways — including those suffering from dementia.

Regional Care Consultant Audrey Williamson says she’s talked to care workers and families in northwest North Dakota who know someone with dementia.

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New app allows the elderly with dementia and their caregivers to go on a trip down memory lane

Caregivers can now access an app which can help in interacting with elderly dementia patients.

Launched on Monday (Sept 28) by Singapore’s National Heritage Board (NHB), National Museums Liverpool and the British Council, the local version of the digital application contains multimedia features and images of relatable everyday items from Singapore’s yesteryear.

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We know that Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, but are there certain stages that we can look at to tell us where our loved one might be in the progression? Jamie Pancost, of the Oaks at Northpointe Woods, was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.

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Portrait Of A Parent With Alzheimer’s

My 87-year-old mom has Alzheimer’s disease in the midst of COVID-19. Right now, that means I can only see her when her Bronx nursing home connects us on Skype. Our Internet connection is sound, but mentally, she is in the grips of this disease. All she can do is just look at me for a […]

DHS receives grant to enhance public health strategies for Alzheimer’s disease

The state Department of Health Services was recognized Tuesday as one of 15 public health programs across the country to be awarded a grant from the CDC to enhance public health strategies for Alzheimers disease.

Gov. Tony Evers and First Lady Kathy Evers announced the Building Our Largest Dementia […]

Couple creating special memories as wife battles Alzheimer’s

A couple from North Dakota is enjoying every moment they have together and aren’t letting Alzheimer’s get in the way of creating special memories. The couple planned a final road trip to Minnesota and Michigan to see the beautiful fall colors.

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People with dementia experiencing isolation, faster decline

Everyone has dealt with some sort of isolation this year due to COVID-19. But for those living with different forms of dementia, isolation can take a much larger toll.

“He has Lewy body dementia,” Jaye Kephart explained. She takes care of her husband, Michael, who was diagnosed with this form of dimension five years ago. […]