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Caring for yourself while caring for a person living with dementia

Perhaps you’ve heard: “Taking care of yourself is an essential part of taking care of others. The healthier the tree, the better the fruit it can offer.” While this is true, it may seem insensitive and downright exhausting when others tell you to “take care of yourself.” There is lots of advice for putting […]

Improving the lives of people living with dementia

Her official involvement in dementia-related work may have only started just two years ago, but Dr Leela Koran has a lot to share about it.

The Universiti Malaya (UM) senior lecturer’s research and contributions, particularly with family caregivers of Persons Living With Dementia (PLWDs), extend beyond the confines of her office and is a lifelong […]

Researcher explains milestones for Alzheimer’s disease research

A University of Virginia researcher talked about the discoveries that were made in 2019 to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and how they’re working on finding treatments in the future.

Dr. John Lukens, an assistant professor in the Center for Brain Immunology and Glia at UVA Medical Center, said his team has been researching […]

Alzheimer’s Association Starts Program to Improve Care

In an effort to improve dementia care across the health-care industry, the Alzheimer’s Association has launched a new initiative that will engage more than 300 health systems across the country.

In Ohio, the program will be led by Amy Boehm, who will work with care providers in Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia to leverage the […]

Alzheimer’s Q&A: Any advice for Alzheimer’s caregivers for the upcoming New Year?

For the Alzheimer’s caregiver, accepting the affected person in the present moment is paramount.

Focus energy on the person behind the disease instead of what the disease is doing to him or her. The person with Alzheimer’s is always changing, is different in many ways, but accepting that person at every stage of the disease […]

Alzheimer’s & Dementia: This Symptom Could Differentiate Between The Two

First off, dementia is a syndrome and not a disease. Dementia includes a wide range of symptoms affecting mental cognitive tasks such as reasoning and memory. Alzheimer’s disease falls under the umbrella term dementia. There are different kinds of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is one of them.

Dementia isn’t something pertaining to simple memory mishaps […]

Gun owners with dementia a growing concern

On a Friday morning last month, a San Jose substitute teacher headed off to work at Mt. Pleasant High School with two things that raised a red flag with police — he has dementia and had a gun tucked under the driver’s seat of his car.

The teacher’s wife reported him missing that evening when […]

Raising quality of life for Alzheimer’s families

Watching how Alzheimer’s — and all types of dementia — affects those we love is extremely difficult. Feelings of loss and hopelessness are common in the face of this growing epidemic.

The Alzheimer’s Association is here for those who live with fear, loneliness and despair. In the words of a caregiver, “I […]

Alzheimer’s Association shares tips to ease the stress a loved one may experience during the holidays

Having a relative living with Alzheimer’s can be difficult during the holidays.

The Alzheimer’s Association is sharing some tips to ease the stress your loved one may experience during a family gathering.

Acacia Deadrick, a specialist at the Alzheimer’s Association in Sioux City, says things like large crowds, new activities, and unfamiliar places can cause […]

Six Ways to Adapt Holiday Activities for Seniors With Dementia Read More: Six Ways to Adapt Holiday Activities for Seniors With Dementia

Holiday gatherings mean a difference in routines for all of us, and while that can be a welcome thing for many, it can be a difficult thing for people with dimentia issues. Sherii Sherban talked about it on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins on the “Miles for Memories Moment.”

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