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Intimate, poetic account of dealing with dementia

Dementia is an illness we all hope to avoid but most of us will know someone who is affected by the disease. In this book, which builds on her late father’s experience, Nicci Gerrard grasps the nettle by delving into what the condition meant for her family.

She talks to other dementia patients and […]

Good Health Is Crucial to Caregiving

A recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University indicates that caregivers aren’t nearly as susceptible to poor health as once believed, as providing care has no more significance on a caregiver’s immune system than any other job. For years, caregivers have seen studies that reached the opposite conclusion, that caregiving carried such an enormous amount […]

Alzheimers Q & A: Can people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia still read?

Alzheimer’s disease affects many abilities, including memory, communication, behavior and thought processes. Typically, people with Alzheimer’s in the moderate or middle stage can still read, but this ability will gradually decline through the progression of the disease.

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Alzheimer’s care takes toll on patients, families and society

Alzheimer’s disease is sometimes referred to as a “silent killer,” as it eventually robs patients of the ability to communicate and interact with others and with the outside world.

Here are facts for 2019 from the Alzheimer’s Association, about the (sometimes silent) costs of the disease on patients, their loved ones and society:

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Q&A: Alzheimer’s Association’s Kristina Fransel

In the United States, Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death, affecting 5.7 million individuals. In Pennsylvania alone, that number is about 400,000. Since its inception, the Alzheimer’s Association has been working to eradicate the disease. At the helm of the Delaware Valley chapter is Kristina Fransel, who took over as executive director in […]

Program offers advice on planning for Alzheimer’s

While the thought of someday developing Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia is an unwelcome and frightening thought for most people, putting legal and financial plans in place to allow for the possibility can be critical to your family’s financial future.

That is the overall message of a free educational program offered by the Alzheimer’s […]

Caregiving insights from those that actually need the care

Rachel O’Conor booted up her slides and began posing questions to six older adults sitting around a table: How should primary care physicians support patients and caregivers after a diagnosis of dementia? And what stands in the way of getting adequate support?

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Dementia: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And A Proposal

First, a reminder: retirement policy isn’t simply about getting people over the “finish line” of retirement age with a sufficient nest egg or projected future income. It’s just as important to pay attention to the well-being in retirement of the current and future elderly. That being said, one of the key old-age policy issues […]

To almost 4 million women living with Alzheimer’s: Happy Mother’s Day

When we gather on May 12 to celebrate Mother’s Day, give a special prayer for the nearly 4 million women across the United States who are living with a unique challenge: Alzheimer’s disease.

Roughly two-thirds of the nearly six million people in the U.S. living with Alzheimer’s are women. Supporting and caring for these six […]

A caregiver must care for self

Caring for the aged, ailing or disabled is a growing field.

But with more people caring for their loved ones, who is looking out for the caregiver?

A panel of experts presented tips for caregivers at the Family Caregiver Symposium April 25.

Their message: Take care of yourself as well as your loved one.