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Researchers identify gene variant that protects against Alzheimer’s disease

Research published Wednesday in Genome Medicine details a novel and promising approach in the effort to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Brigham Young University professors Perry Ridge and John Kauwe led the discovery of a rare genetic variant that provides a protective effect for high-risk individuals — elderly people who carry known genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s– […]

Nine tips for supporting Alzheimer’s caregivers

While more than 90 percent of people agree that caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia should be a group effort among family or close friends, about one in three caregivers (39 percent) handle caregiving tasks alone, according to an Alzheimer’s Association survey.

The truth is that many caregivers don’t […]

The difficult path to a cure for Alzheimer’s

Science editor Clive Cookson explores the long and difficult journey of scientists attempting to unlock the causes of dementia, and to find a cure for the only leading cause of death that becomes more prevalent each year. Join the FT in our seasonal appeal to raise funds, awareness and understanding of Alzheimer’s disease with Alzheimer’s […]

Brain Training Linked To Reduced Dementia Risk

A long-term study found cognitive training may reduce dementia cases and Indiana researchers were involved in this first of its kind analysis.

The Advanced Cognitive Training in Vital Elderly or ACTIVE study observed almost 3000 older adults in different types of cognitive training. Researchers set out to determine if cognitive training improves functions like memory […]

Virtual dementia tour gives folks an understanding

The Kensington, an assisted living facility in Hastings, is letting people walk in the shoes of people who have dementia.

The virtual dementia tour, created by Second Wind Dreams is a simulation of what it would be like to have the disease.

Understanding what it is like to have dementia is difficult unless you can […]

Medicare should cover long-term care for dementia patients

It happened slowly. At first, my grandma would forget small things like where she put her car keys or that she was supposed to pick me up from school. Over time, her condition worsened. She began forgetting whole sentences; conversations had to be constantly repeated. One night while driving, she was in a horrible accident. […]

Fighting Alzheimer’s one step at a time

The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research.

The walk is held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide and invites participants of all ages and abilities to take part.

The walk kicks off Sunday, December 3rd from Cole Park […]

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Scientists create first twice-a-day tablet that can repair damage and restore brain function to that of a healthy person in just NINE MONTHS

A breakthrough Alzheimer’s drug edges scientists one step closer to a cure, new research suggests.

Taken twice a day, a tablet, known as LMTX, significantly improves dementia sufferers’ brain injuries to the extent their MRI scans resemble those of healthy people after just nine months, a study found.

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Being a caregiver during the holidays: ‘It’s okay to let go of some traditions’

Holiday traditions, like planning meals, shopping for gifts, making travel plans and hosting company, can be cheerful, but stressful.

For Barbara Mulholland, who is the primary caregiver for both her elderly parents, she and her family have had to adjust to the progression of illness and age, letting go of some traditions and making […]

Listening to the experiences of dementia patients can help improve caregiving

I arrived to see Mrs. Davis this morning with a giant cup of coffee in my hand, praying that the caffeine would cut through my morning fog. Mrs. Davis welcomed me with a big smile and high spirits.

“Geraldine!” she said, “It’s great to see you. How was mass this morning?”

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