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How Can You Feel More Empowered in Your Role as a Caregiver?

When you feel empowered in your caregiving journey, you feel more capable and ready to take on any challenge that pops up. If you’re feeling powerless, though, you’re going to question every move you make and you’ll suffer for it. Finding your way back to empowerment helps you to stand taller in your caregiving journey.


Memory Box Valuable Tool for People with Alzheimer’s

People with Alzheimer’s lose their short-term memory, progressively fading deeper and deeper into their cognitive past. While I’ve often written about the value of bringing old photos and other memorabilia along for visits to elderly loved ones, I don’t believe I’ve ever before suggested anything as self-contained as a memory box.

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As Alzheimer’s Numbers Soar, New Poll Focuses On Caregivers

A new study suggests that caregivers need and want to access support resources and that perhaps the experience of caregiving has made them consider the possibility of their own future needs. And there is no doubt that the current number and expected increase in the foreseeable future of individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease will […]

Alzheimer’s Could Actually Start Elsewhere in The Body And Not The Brain, Says Study

Alzheimer’s disease is usually described as a degenerative neurological condition, one that is commonly associated with memory loss and confusion.

There’s a growing pile of research indicating that dementia might just be the traumatic culmination of numerous factors outside of the central nervous system, which could provide better targets for early diagnosis and even prevention.


I lived with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis for years. But a recent test says I may not have it after all.

Twenty years ago, at age 39, I began having memory and cognitive problems. My primary-care doctor and my neurologists said I was stressed and depressed. I also was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, or MCI. Ten years later, I received another diagnosis. Well, really two. One doctor said I had Alzheimer’s disease, and another thought […]

Caregivers Corner: Understanding changes and behaviors in mother with dementia

Dear Mary, My 68-year-old mother was recently diagnosed with dementia. The doctor basically said, “Your mother has dementia; we’ll follow up with her in about six months.” And that was it. I have no idea what stage she is in or how to find out. Where should I go for answers?

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Stay married to halt Alzheimer’s: close relationship ‘cuts risk of dementia by 60%’

In contrast, single people face an increased risk of brain degenerating diseases, like Alzheimer’s, of between 35 and 44 per cent, says a new study.

Reasons include the healthier lifestyles of couples compared to those who were single, and the benefits of everyday social interaction.

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Stress, Rewards, and Even Surprises For Caregivers of Relatives With Dementia

The latest results from the National Poll on Healthy Aging finds that 78 percent of families and friends who are caregivers for up to five million Americans with dementia find it stressful.

But the poll also reveals the positive side of caregiving, with 85 percent of family caregivers calling it a rewarding experience.

According to […]

Alzheimers Q&A:

First, it is a good idea to exclude other conditions that may cause urinary incontinence. There may be an underlying problem that would precipitate an evaluation by a doctor. Such symptoms as blood in urine, prostate problems in men, offensive smelling urine, severe constipation, side effects from medications — all can affect continence.

Once any […]

Know the 10 Signs – A Checklist for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

President Ronald Reagan understood the significant risks of Alzheimer’s disease when he designated November as Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness & Family Caregivers Month in 1983. Sadly, he passed away from the disease in 2004.

As we age, it is tempting to attribute all of the gradual changes our bodies go through – including our changes in […]