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The sacrifices of caregiving

If life has taken you in the direction of becoming a full-time caregiver for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or another dementia related disease, be prepared to face many hardships unlike anything you have encountered before. Sadly, not everyone who attempts to be a caregiver will be successful.

On the upside, however, you are now joining […]

How your old iPod can help brighten the life of dementia patients

HOUSTON – Houston, TX — A senior living center in north Houston is asking people to donate iPods and MP3 players.

Through a state initiative called “Music and Memory”, Pathways Memory Care at Villa Toscana uses the devices to build custom playlists for residents who suffer from dementia.

So far, 15 patients at the facility […]

The Secret Language of Patients and Caregivers

Patients with tender caregivers often speak a little language of their own devising. It’s not unusual for people dealing with illness to use quirky dialects and inside jokes to attempt to maintain a sense of connection with their intimates or to revive unextinguished emotions.

Upon returning home […]

How People With Dementia Can Live At Home Longer

In February 2016, the Gerbens got a boost from a program in Maryland called Maximizing Independence (MIND) at Home. Designed in 2006 by dementia specialists at Johns Hopkins University and offered to families as part of Johns Hopkins research that is still ongoing, it assigned the family a “memory care coordinator” named Britta Kilbourn. She […]

Using the brain helps strengthen it against dementia

Each week, radio hosts John Wenzlau and Millie Oakeson of “Successful Aging” on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX, provide listeners with information on how to live life to the fullest and age well by talking with expert guests. This week, they spoke with Dr. Paul Bendheim, founder, Chairman and CEO of BrainSavers and the author of […]

Planning for the spouse of the dementia patient

When the doctor diagnoses one spouse with dementia or Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia, the other spouse usually is the caregiver. The focus falls on the dementia patient – their needs, the progression of the disease, getting their legal planning in order with a power of attorney, health-care proxy and living will, and […]

Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez on her grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s

Hernandez is partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association for Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month to share her story and help bring attention to the memory-robbing disease that affects an estimated 5.5 million Americans.

CBS News spoke to Hernandez to talk about her relationship with her grandmother, the impact of Alzheimer’s on her family, and her advice […]

How to Convince an Alzheimer’s Patient They Need Help?

Dotty never knew she had Alzheimer’s. In the beginning when I was trying to explain this to her one of three things happened — she became angry and said mean things to me, she started crying, or she went into the bedroom and wouldn’t come out.

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When caregiving becomes too much

Over the years, I’ve watched family caregivers perform heroic acts in caring for their loved ones. I’ve seen spouses and adult children give up their work and social life—and essentially any semblance of freedom—to devote themselves 24/7.

Many of these individuals began their caregiving journey years earlier, perhaps somewhat in the dark about the changes […]

Marijuana Could Help Treat Alzheimer’s: Here’s How It Would Work

As early as 2008, several reports, including one published in Molecular Pharmaceutics, began proposing various therapeutic pathways by which cannabinoids could treat Alzheimer’s Disease patients, but none were proven.

In 2014, a group of scientists made a breakthrough. The conclusions of their preclinical study were published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, under the title […]