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The 5 gadgets that can make life with dementia much easier: From towel-off shampoo to a clock that tells you it’s Monday evening

Which products for dementia patients are worth buying?

We asked Mary Jordan, an independent dementia care trainer and author of The Essential Carer’s Guide To Dementia, to recommend five:

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Aging Well: Facilitating reminiscence in those with dementia

Frustration can flip the switch between calm and calamity in a matter of seconds for someone struggling with dementia. As a family member and/or caregiver, you work to maintain an environment of composed stimulation, but sometimes that balance spins out of your control.

Reminiscence therapy helps people with dementia reconnect with the lives they’ve led, […]

African-Americans at Highest Risk for Alzheimer’s

One of the noted scientists whose accomplishments are being celebrated during Black History Month, African-American physician Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller was among the pioneering researchers who worked with Dr. Alois Alzheimer on the disease later named after Dr. Alzheimer.

The first known black psychiatrist in America, Dr. Fuller was born in Liberia, graduated from Boston […]

Can Alzheimer’s be prevented? A family may hold the key

As we first reported last fall, Antioquia is home to the largest concentration in the world of people who carry a rare genetic mutation that makes them 100 percent certain to develop Alzheimer’s disease. And as devastating as Alzheimer’s is anywhere, this is a particularly cruel version — it strikes when people are in their […]

Researchers discover new way to lower your dementia risk

Your diet could be the key to lowering your dementia risk.

Researches have discovered a new way to reduce your risk of dementia and they say it’s all about what you eat and how much.

The results from the six-year study, published in the journal Age and Ageing, show people who consume at least three […]

Mantra for Living Well With Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

In this video from Alz Talks, Ronan Smith talks about Alzheimer’s disease and his mantra for living with the condition.

Ronan’s mantra is to “prepare for the probable, work for the possible and hope for the future” and he has plenty of experience with the disease. His father suffered and died from Alzheimer’s disease in […]

Diagnosis Alzheimer’s: Why care for caregivers may be the best treatme

The visit catches Norma Wilke by surprise.

“I used to be smart,” the 81-year-old Lincoln woman says of forgetting the appointment.

But then came a thief — Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s frustrating,” Wilke said of her confusion. “I’m not angry. … Mostly, I feel deprived. … I remember that I can’t remember. ” Full Story […]

How High Blood Sugar is Linked to Alzheimer’s

Diabetes patients are at greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease compared to healthy people, but the specific relationship between glucose and Alzheimer’s was not well understood until now.

In a new study, researchers from the University of Bath in the U.K., working with colleagues at the Wolfson Centre for Age Related Diseases at King’s College […]

A Change in Sleep Habits from Normal to Long: Harbinger of Dementia?

Wake up, sleepyhead—your risk of dementia may have just doubled. According to a study published February 22 in Neurology, people who slumber for more than nine hours per night have twice the risk of dementia as people who sleep for just six to nine hours. And for people without a high school diploma, the risk […]

New program designed to help people with dementia

Home Instead Senior Care – Lincoln is launching the “Beyond the Meds” Memory Care Program,” a new “healthier brain” program designed to help people with dementia have the best chance at living a quality life.

“This program is a natural approach to a healthier brain, designed to create an environment that has been proven […]