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Activities to do in February

We have put together a quiz and word challenge below. All the answers have a hint of romance and are an excellent opportunity for you to chat to your person with dementia about their romantic memories.

St Valentine is believed to have been a 3rd century roman priest who was executed by the emperor Claudius […]

Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient? This man will help you

A harsh reality inspired Marc E. Agronin, a geriatric psychiatrist and expert on dementia, to write his latest book.

“It became very clear early on in my career that caregivers needed help,” said Agronin, vice president for behavioral health and clinical research at Miami Jewish Health Systems. “They were struggling and getting frustrated simply because […]

Vitamin A deficiency may cause Alzheimer’s to begin in the womb

Previous research has associated low levels of vitamin A with cognitive impairment. Some studies have suggested that vitamin A may help to protect neurobiological functions indirectly using the glucocorticoid pathway.

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CareCrew app helps caregivers and home-care workers collaborate

For the past two years, Rosemary Dunne has been a primary caregiver for her 82-year-old mother, who has advancing dementia, and it hasn’t been easy. In many ways, her life revolves around her mother: finding time to visit; sending detailed e-mails about her health to family members around the world; documenting her medical history so […]

Dementia: A war without weapons

An estimated 47.5 million people worldwide are living with dementia as some 7.7 million new cases are diagnosed each year, according to the World Health Organization. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia (attributed to at least 60 percent of new cases), although stroke, injury and Parkinson’s disease also are culprits, according to […]

Handling Objects Can Improve the Well-being of Dementia Patients

Patients with dementia do not have a clear treatment path, and when being treated, the promotion of their well-being is often overlooked. A new study found that when early or moderate stage dementia patients handled museum artifacts, there was a positive outcome in their well-being.

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Colorado Public Television Partners with the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado to Air “The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer’s Together”

Denver, Colo. – Colorado Public Television and the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado will present “The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer’s Together, a film by award-winning filmmaker Barbara Klutinis, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15, followed by a live in-studio discussion during which the panel will answer audience questions. The film and taped […]

Air pollution may greatly increase chance of dementia in older women

Tiny air pollution particles — the type that mainly comes from power plants and automobiles — may greatly increase the chance of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, according to USC-led research.

Scientists and engineers found that older women who live in places with fine particulate matter exceeding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s standard are 81 percent […]

Are design choices more important than medication for Alzheimer’s patients?

“We can see the house through his eyes and find ways to make it easier for him, not knowing what’s ahead.”

She was there for a presentation by Theresa Clement, an Ambler designer and aging-in-place specialist whose own father succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease in September. Full Story

How Horses Can Help Couples Battling Dementia and Alzheimer’s

DAVIS — A program at UC Davis is using collaborative efforts with horses to help couples dealing with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you ask Richard Driver about the first time he laid eyes on Charlotte,the love of his life, and he lights up.

“When I first saw her … she walked into that church I […]