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New Medicare rules should help ‘high need’ patients get better treatment

Doctors have complained for years that they’re not paid adequately for time-consuming work associated with managing care for seriously ill older patients: consulting with other specialists, talking to families and caregivers, interacting with pharmacists and more.

That will change on Jan. 1, as a new set of Medicare regulations go into effect.

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Can paint strokes help identify Alzheimer’s?

Psychologist Dr Alex Forsythe from the University’s School of Psychology and her team, working with Dr Tamsin Williams of Tees, Esk, and Wear Valleys NHS Trust, Vale of York and Maynooth University, Ireland, examined 2092 paintings from the careers of seven famous artists who experienced both normal ageing and neurodegenerative disorders.

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Carey Mulligan Opens Up About Her Grandmother and Battling Stereotypes Surrounding Dementia

Carey Mulligan’s grandmother might not recognize her anymore, but that hasn’t stopped the actress from finding ways to connect.

The Oscar-nominated actress opened up about her beloved grandma Nans’ battle with dementia while guest-hosting BBC Radio 4‘s Best of Today show this week. Nans, who recently celebrated her 91st birthday, was diagnosed with the disease […]

11 changes to make right now to fight Alzheimer’s disease

For many, the holiday season means time spent with family and friends — some of whom we see only occasionally. While it’s time we treasure, this togetherness can sometimes reveal hidden issues, particularly when we notice that something isn’t quite right with an aging loved one.

We pick up on little things, like forgetfulness, and […]

Kansas City Author Discusses How To Connect With Dementia Patients Through Creativity

Dementia is an impairment of brain functions marked by memory loss and personality changes. It affects an estimated 4 to 5 million adults in the United States annually and, as the elder population increases, is likely to have a growing impact in the future.

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Early Alzheimer’s Gene Is A Curse For Families, A Gift For Science

Rosemary Navarro was living in Mexico when her brother called from California.

Something wasn’t right with their mom, then in her early 40s. She was having trouble paying bills and keeping jobs as a food preparer in convalescent homes.

Navarro, then 22, sold her furniture to pay for a trip back to the U.S. for […]

Is dementia in older women tied to 20-year rate of weight loss?

Erin S. LeBlanc, M.D., M.P.H., from Kaiser Permanente Northwest in Portland, Ore., and colleagues conducted a cohort study involving 1,289 older community-dwelling women (mean baseline age: 68 and 88 at cognitive testing). Participants underwent body weight measures repeatedly over 20 years.

The researchers found that the chance of developing MCI or dementia was increased for […]

How Can I Prevent Agitation in One with Dementia?

When a person first learns that either s/he or a family member has dementia, a slew of initial questions comes to mind — from “how fast does dementia progress” and “is it curable” to “can I drive with dementia” or “does exercise slow disease progression.”

Each year, physician medical directors from across the country gather […]

How to easily Prevent and quickly Recover from Caregiver Burnout

Self care is so often forgotten or overlooked by care providers. We all tend to get distracted from ourselves during the holidays or other especially hectic times.

It is too easy to get lost in doing for others and striving to make life pleasant and comfortable for others because, for many caregivers, it feels good […]

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients benefit from MemoryWell digital storytelling project

After finally needing to put her father into care, Newton-Small was asked to fill in a 20-page questionnaire outlining his likes, dislikes, routines, favourite foods — details required to help medical professionals care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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