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Poetry Helps Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients Unlock “Mind’s Eye”

Anyone who’s ever had a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia understands how heart-wrenching the decline in memory can be — for both patients and caregivers.

Those afflicted can seem lost or locked within their own minds, often unable to remember or communicate.

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Giving caregivers room to breathe

It’s a service for caregivers — the people whose lives have been upended when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia.

And yes, Breathing Room is just that — three hours every Thursday when caregivers can have a break, knowing that their spouse or parent is being engaged and cared for by professionals.

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Drugs Designed to Aid Alzheimer’s Patients Could Enhance Healthy Brains

Alzheimer’s Disease is perhaps the most famous, least understood medical crisis facing our generation. Though only five million Americans suffer with it, the cost of care exceeds $230 billion a year, making Alzheimer’s the single most expensive disease to treat. And that burden will grow exponentially in the near future. By 2050, the number afflicted […]

Homing in on Early Alzheimer’s Biomarkers: Does Connectivity Hold the Key?

In the quest to find biomarkers that detect presymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease, some researchers are turning to measures of brain connectivity. Many studies have reported that functional circuits become disorganized early in the disease process, sparking interest in their potential as preclinical biomarkers. At the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2016, held July 22-28 in Toronto, several […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Cure Reverses Memory Loss And Confusion

A new Alzheimer’s disease cure reverses memory loss and confusion, according to CBN News. Small study results over the last four years are simply stellar. Small trials, so far involving 20 subjects, show that while one advanced case did not respond to treatment, four years of research reveals long-term success in all the other […]

Hispanic Community more likely to develop Alzheimer’s

According to new research, the Hispanic community is one of the most impacted by Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer’s Association says researchers have found people in the Hispanic community are about 1.5 times more likely to develop the disease than Caucasian people — which, considering the size of the Hispanic community in Colorado, has a big impact […]

Alzheimer’s disease: The six foods YOU should eat to REDUCE risk of condition

Rob Hobson, Nutritionist and head of nutrition at Healthspan has looked at the six foods which play a key role in brain health.

“Your brain has to work hard 24 hours each day, even while you are asleep it takes care of your breathing, thoughts, movements and senses,” he said.

“High quality foods contain a […]

This home for people with Alzheimer’s is going viral for its resort-like design

One assisted living center in Ohio is getting loads of attention for its very interesting layout and interior design. In a picture of the facility that’s been circulating on the internet, one can see a green turf carpet that’s designed to look like grass, front porches on each room that residents can sit on while […]

Meat-packed Western diets raise the risk of Alzheimer’s

Eating a meat-packed Western diet raises the chance of Alzheimer’s disease though mid-life dietary changes and increased vitamin D consumption could reduce the risk, according to a new study.

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Is it common for those with dementia to quit smiling?

In late or severe dementia, the affected individual loses muscle control, the ability to swallow and cannot walk or sit without support. The capability to smile often disappears.

Because of the mind-body disconnect through the progression of the disease, the muscles “forget” how to manage an apparent reflexive movement. Additionally, the individual with dementia lacks […]