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Smartphone apps for caregivers

GreatCall has an all-new fitness tracker – the Lively Wearable – with urgent response system.

If you feel faint, have mixed medications, are lost or slipped in the shower, help is just a touch away. The device can be conveniently worn like a watch or on a lanyard around your neck, and thanks to the […]

Health-eBrain study offers Alzheimer’s caregivers a “mobile mirror” of their own cognitive vitality

A study focused on the impact that caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s has on the caregiver’s own brain and behavioral health has now moved into Phase II. This next phase of the Health-eBrain Study, done in collaboration with BrightFocus Foundation, Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Intitiative, AnthroTronix and Mindoula, will be announced at the Global […]

Eye tests could help spot dementia, research suggests

Dementia could be spotted years before its onset with simple eye tests according to new research.

Participants, aged 40-69, were given memory, reasoning and reaction time tests.

Researchers then measured the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer and found a strong correlation between poor performance on the tests and a thin RNFL.

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Emotional toll on caregivers of loved ones with dementia

A man in his 60s pulls into the parking lot at a Marin County fitness center. He is participating in a study about the benefits of exercise for people caring for loved ones with dementia, and this requires him to work out. But because he spends so much time “worrying about the present, worrying about […]

Checklist of Possible Behavioral Warning Signs of Dementia

Researchers on Sunday outlined a syndrome called “mild behavioral impairment” that may be a harbinger of Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and proposed a checklist of symptoms to help identify who’s at risk. The symptoms must mark a change from prior behavior and have lasted at least six months. Among the questions:

—Has the person lost […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Risks Can Now Be Reduced By Playing Online Games

Alzheimer’s Disease risks are getting smaller in volume and the cure is all set to take a new turn. A new study proves that patients suffering from Alzheimer’s should play video games. The games can help in mental development. Additionally, they keep the mind busy and aid in slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s.

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Red wine molecule may slow Alzheimer’s symptoms, study finds

A molecule found in red wine may be the key to slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s, new findings presented Wednesday suggest.

Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, red grapes, raspberries, and chocolate, appears to repair “leaky” blood-brain barriers, which allow blood from the body to enter the brain. This repair slowed the advancement of […]

Majority of nursing home dementia patients prescribed anti-psychotic drugs do not need them, study finds

At present, up to 30 per cent of dementia patients are given the medication to control aggressiveness and agitation.

Studies show taking the drugs long-term increases the risk of confusion, dizziness, over-sedation, falls and death.

Now a project from the University of New South Wales has tested whether behaviour could be controlled without drugs.

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Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

Mistakenly, some people believe a person’s quality of life is lost after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. While the symptoms of dementia certainly affect one’s ability to find joy and contentment, there are many ways caregivers and professionals can help people with dementia maintain their quality of life, even as the disease progresses.

No […]

These kinds of jobs may help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s

Brain-challenging jobs — especially ones focused on people — may help shield a person’s mind against the ravages of age-related dementia, a new study finds.

People who work in jobs that task the intellect are better able to withstand the effects of brain lesions commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, report researchers from the University of […]